21st Century Corporate and business scenarios are complex, ambiguous, and have competitive situations while people capabilities are the single common denominator. Managers and employees who face day to day challenges of improving productivity ,employee engagement , people development , enhancing performance related to the people, are in need of a way to overcome these situations. Interestingly, the solutions are within the business Eco system itself and need to be identified.

Organizations in their pursuit to perform and win at times are at a loss on how to transform and grow. Conventional approaches of advisors, consultants add on to the chaos and leads to more of the same. So, in today's context how can an organization succeed in utilizing its most important resources, assets gainfully for business to grow and thrive.

Historically, we have read about Alexander, the great who travelled across the world, at the time when the territories were uncharted, there were no maps, no geographical boundaries, no knowledge of longitude and latitude, turf, terrain etc. In most situations, Alexander did not have the advantage of wise counsel on ground and had to rely upon his own judgment to take decisions on behalf of the troops. He knew that one wrong decision taken could have resulted in dangerous consequences for his army of over a million men.

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The Methodology

The methodology of Elenchus passed on to Alexander through Aristotle, his guide and mentor enabled him to think beyond the possible, question beyond the known. He won half the world by the age of 32.

He relied mostly on the methodology of Elenchus (pronounced ilenchus). Elenchus is an iterative interaction that stimulates critical thinking and out-of-box solutions amidst varying viewpoints in real life operational scenario. It compels us to explore alternative perspectives of a situation, and look beyond the obvious and assumed.

This was originally founded and perfected by Socrates, who taught it to Plato and Aristotle before it was finally transferred to Alexander. Socrates, more than any other before or since, was the most erudite practitioner of Elenchus. The power of the concept lied in its practical application as was obvious since it travelled over three era and generation of learning through Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to finally reach Alexander, the great Warrior.