What is THRO

As per the current market scenario, approx 10% of the total HR-MBA graduates are hired in MNC's and corporate and rest of them are absorbed in areas such as recruitment, HR Ops, payroll, frontline training etc. This simply means that the majority of HR graduates do not get any exposure in core HR applications at the beginning of their career. There is a lack of standardized support system which results in the involvement of Promoter/ CEO / Founder in issues like performance, productivity and attrition. This leads to diversion of his focus from business matters to the Core HR agenda and subsequently leads to reduced business growth and momentum. Even if there is an

internal functional HR team, the availability of quality resource is a challenge. This results in lost productivity, insufficient workforce optimization, engagement & efficiency and less growth of business.

All these issues are solved through Transformational HR Outsourcing and Elenchus provides a model that builds, operates, and sustains the entire Core HR for an organization from scratch to scale.

THRO partner provides the following benefits:
• About 25% cost effective than internal HR
• Organization can shift from fixed costs to variable costs
• Ensure sustainability and continuity of operations
• Best in class HR practices at affordable rates


In the mid-twentieth century a great majority of India's population depended on agriculture and its allied sectors. As time passed the share of agriculture in the total national income has been gradually decreasing. The late nineties saw the emergence of the technology era in which people became the centre of business. The growth of economy shifted from manufacturing sector to service sector as it contributed major part in GDP. Now, service sector contributes over 50% of country's service tax and is continuously growing due to increase in skilled workforce.

With the growing importance of human capital as a success factor for today's organizations, the role of HR has become more critical for Corporate India. Human resource forms the framework and the role of HR needs to create awareness towards the need to achieve the business goals in the best possible and most ethical manner. In the last few years, the Human Resource has become a key player in strategic planning of all organizational activities. As the profile of the human capital in the industry has changed, the average age of CEO's/ MD has gone down from 60's to 40's. The entry level qualification has gone up from a graduate to at least an MBA at managerial level. The new breed of human capital is highly motivated, enthusiastic and capable of understanding every growing demand of the industry. Today the credit of organizational growth goes to an efficient management of skilled human resource. The industry now looks at HR with a new approach - Transformational HR as against the earlier Transactional HR.